Carnelian Fashion Jewelry

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Carnelian is a very attractive orange-brown gemstone that is quite popular in the design and preparation of fashion jewelry. It is typically prepared with a cabochon cut (a smooth rounded cut) in order to bring out the natural elegance and color patterns of the stone. In some cases, beads are subjected to a facet-cut in order to promote sparkle in the gemstone. Cabochons in oval and pear shapes are quite common. The gemstones are cut, ground, polished and drilled if necessary, and used to make a wide range of jewelry including earrings, necklaces, and pendants. The stone is sometimes heat-treated in order to enhance its color. In some cases, the beads are also dyed in order to modify the stone color.

This stone has been mentioned in Arabic, Hebrew, and Roman folklore. These civilizations believed that it protected the wearer in the after-life, and from evil spirits. Ancient Egyptians in particular believed that items made of this stone should be buried along with the corpse in order to protect the corpse in the afterlife. Carved carnelian necklaces were found with several mummies in Egypt. This stone has also been popular with European and Asian civilizations. As with most gemstones, there is some belief that it provides relief against some medical conditions including bleeding and back pain.

Carnelian is a chalcedony and is a form of quartz. The orange-brown color is due to iron impurities within the quartz matrix. It is translucent or semi-opaque, and lacks a distinct crystalline texture. It has a specific gravity of about 2.7 and a hardness of about 7. As a form of quartz, this gemstone is found almost world-wide. Some of the largest finds have been reported in Brazil, Uruguay, India and Japan. Smaller finds have been reported on Texas, Colorado, and Florida.


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